1. Why are these dresses and other items on sale?

The dresses and all the other items on this site are considered "samples".  A sample just means that typically we would order "new" from the designer off the sample. Since we are a small local store, we mostly order from our samples. When a designer chooses to no longer carry a particular style, that item or sample then becomes "discontinued".

That doesn't say anything negative about that particular style, just that the designer has chosen to go in a new direction!

Once an item is discontinued, we can no longer order from it. The discontinued sample in store then becomes available to sell to the public "off the rack."  What you see here on our online store are all samples.

2. Are these dresses and other items damaged?

When we sell a dress, or another item off of the rack, we take into consideration that it may have become "shop-worn".  While we consistently work to maintain our samples is good condition, minimal shop wear is inevitable. We take this into consideration when pricing our items. Shop-wear may include, but is not limited to, missing or loose beads, makeup inside the bodice, wear underneath of the hem, loose tacks on ruching and pickups, wear on corset strings, loose zipper, missing hook and eye, loose strings, pulled button loops, runs in chiffon and organza, minimal stains, etc.

3. How do I measure myself?

We highly recommend you get professionally measured.  See our Sizing Section at the top of the page.

4. I wear a smaller size than what the size chart is telling me.

All of our designers run smaller than everyday size.  Remember, it’s just a number!  The fit of the dress is what matters!  You can always take “in” a dress, but very rarely can you take “out”!

5. Will I need alterations?

Most likely, YES!  You want the dress to fit you perfectly, so there will probably be some nips and tucks in places.  Even if you have to take in a couple sizes down, it’s definitely do-able!  And, if you are looking at purchasing a long dress…all our dresses come long in length--to fit a 5’9-6’ customer.  So depending on your height and your heel-height of your shoe, you will probably need a hem.

6. Who do I use for alterations?

For wedding dresses, we HIGHLY recommend you use a seamstress that specializes in bridal gowns.  Call your local bridal store and see if they can refer you to someone. You can use most seamstresses for anything other than wedding dresses.

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